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The Offer In Compromise program was created by Congress to give taxpayer’s the ability to settle their Tax Debt for Less Money. In May of 2012 the IRS announced the “Fresh Start” program, which will allow more Offers to be accepted. However, most taxpayers do not understand what’s involved.

“Eliminate Tax Debt” This informative report reveals how the Offer in Compromise process can significantly lower your tax debt and increase your peace of mind!

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There are many different ways that businesses can take advantage of tax laws to lower their tax burden, however, the average person is usually not aware of these methods.
At Crabb Tax Services, we understand that you work hard at your business and paying more taxes than you have to is something we’re here to help to avoid. The most important thing to realize about filing your taxes, is that the government does not want to give you any breaks. Taxes are a primary source of revenue for the government, so it’s in their best interest to get you to pay as much as possible.
The good news is that Crabb Tax Services specializes in this and it is our job to help you to decipher the tax laws so that you can take best advantage of them. We’re here to help you to correctly plan, not overpay and achieve the maximum refund possible.