Tax Planning Tools

In addition to our services and guidance in helping you plan, document and file your various financial matters, we offer useful tools for your benefit.

  • Personal Information Worksheet

    (A general form that helps you organize all your important information for tax preparation purposes.)

The following forms are designed for specific industry professionals to organize their important information for tax preparation purposes.

  • Daycare Worksheet
  • Real Estate Agent Worksheet
  • Rental Property Worksheet
  • Self-Employed Worksheet
Download all worksheets for free HERE

Useful Links

Tax-related websites that may be of benefit to you.

irs-logoInternal Revenue Service (I.R.S.):
Federal income taxes
Where’s my refund? Federal income tax refund:

FTB ICONFranchise Tax Board (F.T.B.):
California state income taxes

california-edd-logo-rectEmployment Development Department (E.D.D.):
California state payroll taxes

boe sealBoard Of Equalization (B.O.E.):
California state sales taxes