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Here’s what clients are saying about Crabb Tax Services

“I value honesty and sincerity in those I do business with.  Chris & Marisela Crabb share these values.  They earn your trust through hard work and dedication.  With the busy and varied schedule I have working in local law enforcement it is a pleasure to know I can rely on Chris & Marisela to work for my best interests.”

Carey Sullivan, Chief of Police
Hillsboro, California

“In times of financial uncertainty you need an a Tax Professional who is not only competent but also trustworthy.  That is why I do business with Chris Crabb.  for years I have known him to be a quality person in every way.  Chris has honesty, integrity and is willing to put the best interests of his clients first.”

James Hinton, Minister
Chula Vista Church of Chris
Chula Vista, California

“I have worked with Chris & Marisela on several of my business transactions.  Each time I have found their advice to be very helpful and financially beneficial.”

Paul Schaffner, D.V.M.
Bonita, California

My wife and I are in the military and had just recently moved to Chula Vista.  We were in need of a local tax preparer.  I read the reviews on Yelp and decided to call Crabb Tax Services.  I quickly received an appointment with Chris Crabb.  Chris was very efficient and answered all of our questions.  I was extremely pleased with the results of Chris’s tax preparation and recommend this firm to anyone needing tax preparation in the area.

Tim & Paula Mitchell
Chula Vista, California

If you are looking for an excellent tax person, you must call Chris Crabb.  He’s easy to get a hold of and very knowledgeable.  We have referred a lot of clients to Chris and everyone has been extremely happy with his service.  He’s also one of the only tax people we have found that thoroughly understands the tax implications of short sales and foreclosures.

Mike & Jenny Shippley
San Diego, California

I am a small business owner and have no time or energy to deal with any tax related stuff.
I was looking for a reliable, smart tax professional, who could help me save on my taxes  by converting my Sole Proprietorship to a more wallet-friendly business entity, which was an SCorporation (Highly Recommended).

Chris Crabb of Crabb Tax Services was referred to me by a friend and he is exactly what I was looking for. He saved me at at least 40% in taxes this year.  What I like the most is how reliable he is and the competence he brings to the table.

Jennifer Creighton (Real Estate Broker)
Chula Vista, California

I’ve been getting my taxes done at H & R Block for years.  I never had to pay the IRS or the State any money, but I always felt like I could be getting more money back. This year I came to Crabbb Tax Services and I am getting the biggest refund in years.  Why?  Because Chris actually took the time to delve into my itemized deductions, which is something that no one at H & R Block ever did. I’ve always been a big believer in supporting local businesses, but this experience solidified that belief and practice. You don’t feel like you’re just another person coming through the door; you feel like a valued person whom they genuinely want to help.

Mike Mathews
Chula Vista, California

I am 75 years old and Chris & Marisela Crabb have been helping me do my taxes every year for the past 18 years and I must say I will continue to go every year for the rest of my life. Best tax preparers in SD.

Mildred Jones
San Diego, California

Who loves paying taxes? In the past I have always just done my own taxes online so this was my first experience with a Professional Tax Preparation Service. I opened an LLC in 2011, and figured with the business it was a little more than I wanted to tackle on my own.  I called Crabb Tax Services and made an appointment to see Chris Crabb.  Chris was great! He was very kind and patient helping me go through my folder of nonsense. He also offered great advice to help me in the future. I felt for filing personal and my business taxes his price was very fair. See you again next year!

Betty Hargrove (Real Estate Broker)
Chula Vista, California

Chris and Marisela are so great to work with and help handle any tax situation that comes my way.  Even better, it’s affordable and I’m confident everything is done correctly!

Juan (Border Patrol Agent)
La Mesa, California

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