5 Personal Finance Podcasts Actually Worth Your Time Investment

Personal Finance Podcasts

Enter: Podcasts. If you’re overwhelmed, tuning into experts while on your commute, eating breakfast or just getting things done around the house can be an easy way to up your knowledge and get some of your questions answered. The key, then, is finding podcasts that will make your time investment worthwhile. “To me, the best personal finance podcasts give useful, actionable advice,” said Kevin Goldberg, founder of Discover Pods. “There are too many out there that simply give canned obvious suggestions that aren’t worth your time to listen to.”

With that in mind, here are five personal finance podcasts that get the green light from Goldberg and a few money experts.

When Torabi was 22, she was more than $30,000 in debt; but the now 39-year-old worked her way out of debt and eventually became a financial expert (she published her first book, You’re So Money: Live Rich, Even When You’re Notin 2008). She now shares valuable insight through her podcast, which features interviews with a range of accomplished guests, like…


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