Criminal Tax Defense

IRS TAX TIP: Taxpayer Bill of Rights Provides Protections

All taxpayers have fundamental rights when working with the IRS. The agency outlines them on and in Publication 1. To help taxpayers understand their rights, here is a list of them with a brief description of each one:

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Didn’t Pay Your Taxes? Here’s What the IRS Can Do to You

You don’t want to play chicken with the Internal Revenue Service. Tax season is over, and the vast majority of taxpayers have filed their returns and paid any outstanding taxes they owed. But for a significant number of people, paying

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Understanding the Criminal Tax Plea Agreement

White collar defense attorneys and accountants engaged to assist in investigations conducted by the IRS Criminal Investigation Division are familiar with these words: “… the tax loss … is … $550,000 to $1,500,000 …” By Edward M. Waddington and Ricardo J.

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