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IRS Shuts Down Mom And Pop Dressmaker, Sells Dresses Within Hours

The unmarked vehicles arrived in the morning. More than 20 armed agents poured out. Hours later, Mii’s Bridal & Tuxedo was out of business after serving customers for decades. Its entire inventory of wedding gowns and dresses as well as

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Crabb Tax Services Newsletter (August, 2017)

TOPICS IN THIS ISSUE: Introducing TaxRelief.Info For Your Peace of Mind Tax Tip: File Form 1040X to Amend A Tax Return ALERT: Program Underway To Yank Tax Delinquents’ Passports Tax Tip: IRS Recaps “Dirty Dozen” List of Tax Scams for

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TaxRelief.Info Offers Peace of Mind To People in Tax Debt

WHAT IS TAX RELIEF? Most importantly, tax relief is peace-of-mind. Peace that comes from knowing you’ve avoided the unpleasant, often frightening, results that come from ignoring a tax obligation. We make it possible for you to relax knowing that your tax

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